“Page Not Found”,YOU, AGAIN :@

So you have moved to a new machine and have setup everything correctly, all your LAMP settings are correct and your virtual host or localhost is setup as it should be. But you still get 404 errors on your projects. Your first hunch would be to see if your URL …

WordPress 403-Access Denied Error

When certain sections in the WordPress admin show you a 403 Access Denied Error it may mean that your server has mod_security  enabled and is causing access errors because of some unacceptable values in POST data. For instance, i had this error when i tried to edit/add posts. After some time googling i …

Joomla 500 server error

If you are facing http 500 error on a Joomla installation on login, make sure following directories have 0775 permissions:

Also make sure that following paths are pointing to correct folders in configuration.php